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I’ve found that I don’t have enough to say about marriage in general, or mine in particular, to really sustain a whole blog around it (at least, not without courting divorce with some serious over-sharing), so if you check this blog and think to yourself ¬†“lordie, she never updates this thing” – that is why. I’m in the process of thinking through a reformatting. Maybe one day you’ll come to check my blog and find that all I’m writing about is amateur kickboxing.

Just kidding.

I think the big question is how you make a personal blog worth reading. My goal is to be able to write about what I want to write about, and say what I want to say, and have other people read that stuff and enjoy it enough to keep reading it and maybe tell some friends to read it, too. But just writing about whatever strikes my fancy a particular day is really random and not really the makings of a great blog. My favorite blogs, in any case, all have some kind of central, overriding theme, or ¬†really great writing – usually both. There’s often some element of humor, and lately I’ve really gotten into craft-y blogs, too. I also really enjoy blogs written by people I know because it makes me feel like I know them even better, or it makes me less homesick for them (friendsick? that just sounds wrong).

So, anyway, I will return. And soon. And maybe by then I’ll have some of this stuff figured out. Or I’ll just be back to write more about figuring it out. haha.


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